Rules for safe operation of pneumatic forging hammer

2020-03-27 17:10:19

pneumatic forging hammer operation

The design and manufacture of C41 series pneumatic forging hammer meets the needs of current process safety production. However, if the machine is operated by non-trained personnel, if it is not operated properly or used incorrectly, the machine may also be a source of danger!

Please note that your valuable forging hammer can only be used effectively if it is properly operated, that is, the operator must thoroughly understand all the functions of the forging hammer. In any case, the company is not responsible for damage to the machine caused by incorrect use!

The pneumatic forging hammer should only be operated by trained and authorized personnel. To ensure safety in the future, the responsibility of the machine operator must be clear and strictly enforced!

In addition, the boundaries of responsibility for any installation, disassembly, reinstallation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance must be clearly established and followed so that there is no misunderstanding regarding the responsibility for safety!

Any work that endangers safety must be prohibited!

The operator must be aware that unauthorized personnel must not operate on the pneumatic forging hammer!

It is the responsibility of the operator to check the hammers regularly and to report any changes to the safety of the hammers immediately!

The user must ensure that the machine is used in absolute good condition!

The user must carefully ask the operator to wear protective work equipment (helmet, earplugs, glasses, safety shoes, etc.)!

Make sure that the machine itself is hygienic. The work area of the pneumatic forging hammer must be kept clean and free of obstructions, with warning signs and ensuring that the requirements are complied with!

The safety requirements of the pneumatic forging hammer must not be changed without consent.

When performing maintenance and repairs, it must be performed by a professional according to the maintenance manual, and the maintenance sign must be displayed in the first place!

When the pneumatic forging hammer fails, it should be stopped and inspected immediately, and no operation can be performed before it is determined that the fault is completely eliminated!

If components and large mechanisms are replaced, they must be carefully locked to the lifting tool to avoid danger. Use only suitable and reliable lifting tools and hoisting mechanisms with sufficient strength and height! Put an end to people working and staying under the hoisting!