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cross wedge rolling machine

The cross-wedge rolling machine is designed for the pre-forming and net-shape forming of symmetrically rotating steel and aluminium forgings. Cross Wedge Roll is an advanced forming process suitable for manufacturing of multi-shoulder shaft.

The productivity is two to five times of traditional die forging. Material utilization ratio can increase 10%-15% and die service life can prolong more than ten times.

The advanced process is adopted as the performing process for shaft and complex forgings. It is widely applied for shaft productions of Auto’s gearbox and performing of con-rod, crankshaft etc.
High stiffness cross wedge rolling machine possesses a compact structure with the advantage of easy adjusting, and can realize accurate and reliable feeding.
The maximum cross-wedge rolling machine in the world with center distance of 1500mm has been put into use.

 cross wedge rolling process



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