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Induction Furnace Introduction

The induction heating furnace is mainly composed of power supply, medium frequency induction heating furnace (including capacitance ark, sensors), feed system, discharging sorting system, intelligent control system. The medium frequency power supply is a sealable power cabinets, all kinds of electrical components are installed in the enclosure. Furnace of the furnace by the channel steel and steel plate welding and become, internal installed electric capacitor, bus, water, etc. Furnace table placed sensors. Furnace and converter with can lock the door of the ark and furnace sealed well.

Induction Furnace Process description:

Operator need to put billet to the slope on the loading platform, according to a set of heat beat , through cylinder billet go into the inductor,
temperature test device locates in rapid discharging device, after being heated, the billet moves to fast discharging chain, online infrared thermometer record discharging temperature, measured temperature feedback to the center console, center control system will compare the temperature and setting temperature value, analysis and calculation through the center console and determine whether the temperature is qualified, qualified material go into the chain, unqualified material will be processed into the waste tank.

Induction Furnace Pictures

induction furnace and screw press

induction furnaceinduction furnace induction furnace




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