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What forging robot we can supply

We can supply all kinds of forging robots include single arm robot, two-joint robot, three-joint robot, four-joint robot, five-joint robot, six-joint robot etc use for forgings, the weight rang from 10kg to 165kg. we also can supply the integrated control system rebuild your exsiting forging line to be automation forging line.

1.Six-joint robot

Forging Robot

Six robot joints is one of most popular of forging robot in the automation industry now. it can make different complex actions neatly samilar with human arms, can be applied to many of industry automation fields.


Type Six joint robot technical and application
6kg 20kg 50kg 165kg
Technical Feature 1. Small size, light weight. 1. Small size, light weight. 1. Big working space. 1. Big working space.
2. Stable performance. 2. Stable performance. 2. Stable performance. 2. Stable performance.
3. High running speed. 3. High running speed. 3. High running speed. 3. High running speed.
4. Highly optimized for general use. 4. Highly optimized for general use. 4. Highly optimized for general use. 4. Highly optimized for general use.
5. Modular mechanical structure. 5. Modular mechanical structure. 5. Modular mechanical structure. 5. Modular mechanical structure.
Application 1. Automatic stamping and forging. 1. Automatic stamping and forging. 1. Automatic stamping and forging. 1. Automatic stamping and forging.
2. Material handling and stacking. 2. Material handling and stacking. 2. Material handling and stacking. 2. Material handling and stacking.
3. Arc welding, cutting. 3. Arc welding, cutting. 3. Arc welding, cutting. 3. Arc welding, cutting.
4. Spraying. 4. Spraying. 4. Spraying. 4. Spraying.



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