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Introduction of Forging Roll Machine

The roll forging machine with manipulator is designed for the pre-forming of round and square material, or final forging process. In contrast to cross-wedge rolling machine, the blank is fed radially into the rollers by a manipulator and pre-formed in individual sectors(passes). The completed blank is then laid on a conveyor and fed to the main forming machine. Together with mechanical arm or other automatic device, it is widely used in automobile, tractor, energy, hand tools industry, etc.

automatic forging roll machine

High Quality Roll Forging Machine for Sale

Anyang ZGD series automatic roll forging machine can be used with forging machine to form roll forging line, such as CNC forging hammer, pneumatic forging hammer, friction press, electric screw press, hot die forging press, etc. Equipped with manipulator or other automatic forging machine, roll forging production automation can be realized. 

Advantages of Our Roll Forging Machine

As the speed of roll forgings is very fast, the pre-forging and final forging can be finished in one time. High production efficiency, low noise and vibration.

forging rolling machine

Specification of Our ZGD Series Roll Forging Machine

Item Unit ZGD-370 ZGD-460 ZGD-560 ZGD-680 ZGD-1000 ZGD-1250
Roller outside diameter mm 370 460 560 680 1000 1250

Max.width commission for rolling

mm 500 570 700 850 1200 1400
Max.length of piece mm 570 710 870 1050 1920 2500
Adjustment distance mm 15 17 20 20 25 20
Speed of roller rpm 62 56 52 40/25 15/30 8
Max.blank dimension Square mm 50 65 90 110 140 180
Round mm φ55 φ75 φ100 φ125 φ160 φ200
Lengthways stroke of arm mm 490 630 758 800 7000 7000
Horizontal stroke of arm mm 435 505 550 750 920 1420
 Adjustable on vertical and horizontal   YES YES YES YES YES YES
Adjustment on vertical mm 200 200 400 non-ajustable non-ajustable non-ajustable
Single lateral stroke mm ajustable   ajustable ajustable   ajustable ajustable  ajustable 
 Max. load capacity kg 12 12 30 50 150 250
 Main motor power kw 18.5 22 55 132 250 355
 Total weight Ton 10 12.5 22 60 70 120

Several tens production lines for manufacturing automotive front axle, connecting rod, steering knuckle, crankshaft, and turbine blade, have been provided to forging factories.Enormous economic and social benefits have been achieved to our customers. If you are interested in our automatic roll forging machine, please feel free to contact us!

Roll Forging Machine Working Video


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