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Forging automation modernization, in most cases is to modernize the old forging equipment, the main purpose is to achieve the forging parts automatically transferring between different stations. Therefore, all the equipment on the forging line must communicate with the manipulator used to carry the forging parts, appoints the sequence of actions, so that the line can be automated. In other words, all the forging equipment on the production line must be electrically operated and can be communicated with the robotic arm and other devices on the line.

In order to ensure the safety of the equipment, the equipment must provide the access point signal to the robot or the robot arm. Sometimes, in order to improve the efficiency, it is necessary to provide the position of the slider (or other working mode), in order to quickly find the entry point that allow the equipment arm enters into.
Old forging equipment includes punching press with rigid clutch, friction press, old technology hydraulic hammer, forging roll machine without clutch. If modernize these machines to automatic, firstly, the problems we need to solve is to change the operation mode from manually to electronic control; then modernize the access point of the mechanical arm, usually we need to use the upper limit position as the signal source, or we can also convert the linear motion of the slider to the encoder signal for continuous output.

Automation Forging Vidoes

Manual forging press rebuild to be automation


 drop hammer and forging robot build automation forging line


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