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What is Automatic Spray Graphite Machine?

The traditional manual graphite spraying method has the problems of uneven spraying, slow efficiency and unsafe spraying, which will affect product quality, dies working life, safety of operator. The automatic spray graphite machine can replace the workers' hand gun. In actual production, on the basis of not adding extra power source, it can spray graphite effectively and evenly inside the thickening mold, and make the forging process lubricative. Reduce forging defective rate effectively, amount of graphite usage and environmental pollution, so as to improve product qualification rate, extend dies working life and reduce production cost.

Spray graphite machine can be used with die lubricating of hot die forging press or electric screw press, employing single position, double positions or three positions, the rotating mechanism using two parallel rotation design.The spray graphite machine has the function of blowing scale and ejecting mould agent.The horizontal drive of spray graphite machine is driven by servo motor, and it has height adjustment function.

Automatic graphite spray machine for press

Application of Automatic Spray Graphite Machine

Spray graphite machine can be used for die lubricating of forging press, manual,automatic and semi-automatic production line to solve the problem of uneven ink spraying and uncontrollable graphite quantity, too much graphite on the die will make the liquid flow to hang. The process of spraying is to blow compressed air firstly, then spray graphite evenly, and finally blow compressed air to blow away the excess graphite.

There are many forms of spray graphite machine, sprinkler head can do circular track movement or according to the shape of forging track.

Automatic forging press hammer die lubricating machine

Advantages of Automatic Spray Graphite Machine

Main Structure of Automatic Spray Graphite Machine

Spray mechanism

Spray mechanism of automatic spray graphite machine

Rotary device

Rotary device of automatic press die lubricating machine

Horizontal drive

Horizontal drive of automatic press die lubricating machine

Control system

forging die graphite lubricating machine

press die spray graphite lubricating machine



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