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impression die forging hammer automatic forging

Working characterisitics of CNC forging hammer

Functions and features of CNC hammer or modernized CNC hammer

Above are what necessary requirements of CNC forging hammers for automation

Process requirements for CNC hammer automation

  • The die cavity of light forgings such as connecting rods and hand tools is  shallow, in order to avoid the forgings jump from the cavity, two robots are used to hold forgings, in the way of setp by step beam for automated production.
  •  The design of bottom ejector should ensure the forgings not dislocation and tilt after ejected.
  • Sometimes, it 's necessary to  design the extra parts for the manipulator to grasp.

Automation Forging Line Videos

CNC Forging Hammer Automatic Forging Line Working Video
CNC Forging Hammer Automatic Forging Line Forge Gear Blank
Forging Hammer and Robot Automatic Forging


Automatic forging hammer production line make metal tools


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