How to operate the hydraulic hammer forging machine safely?

2020-06-18 15:56:08

In order to allow our forging users to correctly use the hydraulic forging hammer machine produced by Anyang Forging Press, the following precautions are specially formulated for your reference (not limited to these). I hope you can follow the regulations to make your equipment run better and operate the forging hammer safer.

how to operate hammer forging machine safely

Hydraulic Forging Hammer Machine for Sale

Anyang Forging Press is the biggest forging machine manufacturer in China, since 1956. We can manufacturer both close die and open die hammer forging machine, the max. tonnage can up to 18ton. Our CNC hydraulic drop forging hammer is popular for the forging customers all over t he world, PLC controlled, high forging precision, easy operation, automatic forging line is available.

With decades of experiences in forging machine industry, we have the ability to provide our customer forging machine design, manufacture, installation, training, maintenance, repair and any other services you need. Once you order our forging machine, we will provide you the most professional training of our hammer operation to guarantee the safety when you operate the hammer forging machine. So you if you want to buy a safety, please contact us, we are waiting to help help you!

hydraulic press forging hammer machine operation training