Great Development of Forging Industry & Forging Machine

2019-09-30 17:18:06

When it comes to the forging industry, the key point in the past is to forge iron. People often remember open die forging as the main concept of forging. By the 1980s, especially in the 1990s, people in China had a further understanding of forging. Closed die forging is the true connotation of forging. For this reason, discussions and investments have been carried out around die forging in recent years. Over the past decade, what new developments have taken place in the forging industry, a small and important industry? It is not difficult to find that the conventional forging machine has no difference in form and principle, but it has made considerable progress.


Development of Main Forging Machine

The main forging machine are forging hammer, electric screw press, hydraulic press, and mechanical press. Following are detailed introduce of these four main forging machine.

Progress of Forging Hammer

Forging hammer has been developed from gravity drop hammer, steam hammer, liquid-gas hammer, electro-hydraulic hammer to full hydraulic forging hammer. The main advances of this machine are controllable energy, smooth strike, accurate guidance and flexible use. 

At present, forging automation has been more and more popular all over the world. In an automatic forging production line, there are always closed die CNC forging hammer, electric screw press ore hydraulic press paired with forging robot, and other forging assistant machine. 

automatic forging hammer manufacturer

Anyang CNC forging hammer in Vietnam

Progress of Electric Screw Press

Electric screw press has developed from manual screw hammer and double disc friction press to clutch screw press and direct drive screw press. Now, the electric screw press produced by Anyang Forging and Pressing has received more and more users'favorite and choice. This new type of press is characterized by high energy and controllable force and energy. Anyang electric screw press has the following advantages:

electric screw press development in Russia

Anyang Electric Screw Press Paired with Robot in Russia

Progress of Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic press was used in forging industry earlier, but people have not reached a new level of understanding of hydraulic press. The general concept is that the hydraulic press is slow, just like the old scalper cart, slow and leisurely. It does not satisfy the need of "strike while hot" forging. But with the development of hydraulic system and control technology, hydraulic press has been more and more adapted to the needs of forging production. At present, the most widely used is the precise finishing of forgings for extrusion and billet making.

Blacksmith Hydraulic Press

Blacksmith forging is very popular in many western countries. In addition to small power hammers, small hydraulic presses for blacksmiths are also very popular. It’s also a kind of hydraulic press, blacksmith hydraulic press can be used for blanking, upsetting, drawing, etc. It is very suitable for blacksmith to make knife, and other small metal forgings.

blacksmith hydraulic forging press development

Anyang Americal and Australian dealers show blacksmith forging press

Open Die Hydraulic Press for Huge Workpiece

For huge forgings, the open die hydraulic press is often the first choice. Anyang open die hydraulic press has the following advantages:

3150 ton hydraulc forging press paired with manipulator

Anyang 3150 ton hydraulic press paired with manipulator in Romania

Progress of Mechanical Press

Mechanical press should be developed in the 1970s and 1980s. It is also the product of mass production of forgings. The automatic production line of the press is the idea of the Russians, and the German practice of Chinese experimentation. The world's first fully automatic forging production line is installed in Dongfeng Motor Corporation Forge Plant in China. In recent years, there has been no complete solution to the problems of press forging, but it has been found that the elongation of press forging frame has a certain controllability. Generally speaking, the press should extend 1 mm per 10 MN when it is working. Without this elongation, it is impossible for the press to forge.

The four general forging machine mentioned above have resulted in many special forging machine, such as roll forging machine, cross wedge rolling machine, rotary forging machine and upsetting forging machine. In any case, forging machinery is mainly driven by electricity, liquid, gas and machinery. Provide force and energy for part deformation. The main objective of all forging machine development is to provide force and energy accurately, efficiently and timely, and to ensure the accuracy and stability of movement.

machanical press

Progress of Forging Die

The progress of forging production is also reflected in the progress of die manufacturing. Generally speaking, the average manufacturing time of a set of dies in the past is about 4-5 times that of the current advanced level. The current progress mainly adopts advanced technology such as computer and high-speed processing equipment, which greatly shortens the manufacturing cycle of dies. The resulting concept of forging die manufacturing is also changing, improving the life of forging dies and shortening the time of making dies. Equally important, and try to use inlay die forging.

special die forging machine for valve forging

Anyang Special Die for Valve Forging

Undoubtedly, the main manifestations of forging technology and technological progress are material saving, energy saving and increasing production, internal and external forging quality. The main performance of forging enterprises'progress is the improvement of economic benefits. In terms of technology, the core change is the progress of die. The core of die progress is the pre-forging die. In other words, the key of forging technology is the pre-forging process design technology and the shape design of preform.

At present, die development and manufacturing technology has become the key to the technical success of a die forging enterprise.

Hot Punching Process with Special Die for Valve Forging