Anyang Forging Press is busy shipping products after COVID-19 virus

2020-04-01 17:45:52

After the Spring Festival, the epidemic raged, and the whole country worked together to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which disrupted AFP's 2020 production plan. There are still nearly 100 million orders in the workshop that need to be produced and delivered, most of which are foreign trade orders. If the contract cannot be delivered on time in accordance with the contract, plus the world believes that China is the worst-hit area, the risk of returns has increased sharply. Brings great challenges.

With more than 60 years of experience, AFP was not intimidated by sudden difficulties, but chose to calmly fight. While leading all employees to "resist the epidemic", the company leaders actively planned to become the first batch of enterprises in Anyang to resume production and resume production. Henan Daily also reported on the front page of "An Enterprise's Road to Self-Solving Difficulties" about the resumption of production and resumption of production at Anyang Forging Press.

While organizing the resumption of work, the International Trade Department's remote office keeps close and good communication with foreign customers and keeps the customers informed of the latest situation of epidemic control in China. So far, two batches of pneumatic forging hammers have been shipped to the United States, CNC forging hammers, ring rolling mills and other products have been shipped to India, the third CNC die forging hammer has been exported to Komatsu Construction Machinery of Japan, and more than 10 countries including South Korea, Canada, Mexico, and Zambia The total value of the goods is more than 5 million yuan. It also shipped more than 10 large-scale equipment such as electro-hydraulic hammers, numerically controlled hammers, pneumatic forging hammers, and forging hydraulic presses to domestic customers in Shandong, Jiangsu, and Shaanxi, with a total contract value of nearly 10 million yuan.

The epidemic situation is like a mirror, reflecting the concentration and strength of different industries and different enterprises. As an old-fashioned hot forging equipment manufacturer for more than 60 years, Anyang Forging Press is concerned about the safety of employees and the orders of forging users before the epidemic situation. Add some rush time to deliver orders to users as soon as possible. So that after the epidemic, forging users can be put into production as soon as possible, resume normal production and operation, and create a stable working environment for their company employees. This is not only related to the rapid recovery of China's forging industry, but also to the stability of millions of families behind the forging people.

The ash of the age falls on a person's head and is a mountain. "For enterprises, the only thing that can be done is to bite their teeth in this battle without gunpowder." Anyang Forging Press people are willing to cooperate sincerely with forging users around the world to fight the epidemic, and work hard to make forging greener, more efficient, easier, and climb the highest peak of forging equipment.

CNC forging hammer manufacturer

80kj CNC forging hammer shipped to Japan

80KJ CNC Die Forging Hammer shipped to Komatsu Construction Machinery, Japan

power forging hammer shipped to USA

Delivery site of the second batch of small pneumatic forging hammers and hydraulic presses sent to the United States in 2020

forging hammer shipped to Mexio

Photos of pneumatic forging Hammer shipments to Mexican customers

2000ton fast forging press

Delivered to Shandong forging user 2000 tons of fast forging hydraulic press delivery site