Crankshaft Forging Process and Forging Machine Design

2019-11-13 11:19:38

With the continuous development of world automobile manufacturing industry, the demand for crankshaft components is increasing. This phenomenon has caused large amounts of funds to flow into the crankshaft processing industry in recent years. Crankshaft is the most important force bearing components, and the situation of its force bearing is quite complicated and the load is large. This requires that the crankshaft forging process must ensure the surface quality of the hot forged crankshaft, at the same time, the strength and fatigue resistance should also be relatively high, so that it can work for a long time under complicated load conditions.

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Crankshaft Forging Process Classification

Horizontal Split Direct Molding Crankshaft Hot Forging Process

It mainly includes two-cylinder, single-cylinder, multi-cylinder crankshaft, etc. These crankshafts are generally used in in-body engines with a 180% distribution of the crankshaft neck. The raw material is non-tempered steel, and the crankshaft forging process technology is relatively simple. For smaller car crankshafts, a fully automated production line with a stepped truss frame is usually used for production. The specific steps of this crankshaft hot forging process are hot pre-forging - final forging - trimming, Under the condition of no special premise, no special billet is required. After the trimming work is completed, the hot finishing will be completed.

Surface Parting Directly Forms the Crankshaft Forging Process

That is, six cylinders and three cylinders. Some V10 and V8 crankshafts also use this production process. The curved parting mold directly forms the crankshaft, which is often used in heavy-duty engines of 200 horsepower or more. The connecting rod necks are 90°, 120° and 729° respectively. Under normal conditions, this type of crankshaft is mainly completed in 250 kJ crankshaft forging machine more. From the current situation, there are multiple types of automatic production lines machine for crankshaft hot forging.

Horizontal Splitting Distortion Forming Crankshaft Forging Process

The horizontal splitting distortion forming crankshaft mainly refers to a six-cylinder twelve-balanced crankshaft with a balanced block structure, a six-cylinder 12-balanced crankshaft with a fully balanced block structure, and V10 and V8 crankshafts, etc. If these crankshafts use a direct surface forming process, there will be defects in the local forgings that are too large, causing certain types of crankshafts to change the original weight.

Heat Treatment Process after Crankshaft Forging

The key technology of heat treatment of crankshaft is surface strengthening treatment. Ductile iron crankshafts are generally normalized and prepared for surface treatment. Surface strengthening treatments generally use induction hardening or nitriding processes. Forged steel crankshafts are journaled and rounded. 

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Forging Scale Removal Machine

In addition, the problem of surface defects of hot forged crankshaft forgings is also caused by forging scale. Therefore, in the crankshaft forging process, the step of removing the iron oxide forging scale by the forging scale removal machine must be added to improve the surface quality of the forged crankshaft and increase the service life of the mold.

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How to Choose and Design Crankshaft Forging Machine?

For crankshaft hot forging process, there are forging hammer and crankshaft forging press for customer to choose. 

For large crankshaft forging hammer used on big car and truck, a hydraulic closed die forging hammer is more economic. Anyang Forging Press can provide closed die hydraulic forging hammer to make crankshaft, we can also convert your steam forging hammer and electric hydraulic forging hammer to full hydraulic forging hammer. Usually, there will be a lot of steam emission during the steam forging hammer running, after converting, the hammer will be more environment friendly, and it will also has higher energy efficiency, and higher forging precision.

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For small crankshaft forging, we suggest to use a CNC closed die crankshaft forging hammer or electric screw forging press, as it can achieve automatic crankshaft forging process production line paired with pre-forging machine, trimming press, heat treatment machine and other crankshaft forging assistant machine.

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Anyang Forging Press can provide crankshaft forging machine including CNC closed die forging hammer, hydraulic closed forging hammer, electric screw forging press, crankshaft hot forging automation design and manufacture solution, crankshaft forging machine converting are also available. Until now, we have designed and manufactured 3 ton, 5 ton, and 6 ton crankshaft forging machine for our customer at home and broad, and converted a 20 ton steam crankshaft forging hammer to full hydraulic forging hammer. Our forging machine have been exported to more than 64 countries, like America, Russia, Japan, India, Turkey, Canada, Korea, Vietnam, etc, no matter what kind of crankshaft you want to forge, we have the ability to provide the complete crankshaft forging process and crankshaft forging machine design solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Undoubtedly, Anyang Forging Press is your ideal crankshaft forging machine manufacturer!