Great amount of CNC forging machine in creasing orders from all of the world

2019-06-22 18:17:22

Anyang Forging Press has completed several orders recently, including several CNC die forging hammers. Last week, customers from Japanese Komatsu Corporation have inspected their 125kj closed die CNC forging hammer, this forging hammer will be used to forge track chains in the overseas factory that Komatsu built in Shandong province. As we all know, Komatsu is a famous manufactures of construction, mining, forestry, and military equipment. Last year, they have ordered a 125kj CNC forging hammer, which has been in use. As the last 125kj CNC die forging hammer was running well, they order another 125kj CNC die forging hammer for the production of track chains this year. This new die forging hammer has passed the inspect last week, it will be delivered to Shandong Province soon.

125kj CNC die forging hammer for track chains

Japanese customer is  inspectin 125kj CNC die forging hammer for track chains

This week, Indian customer came to our company to inspect their 31.5kj CNC die forging hammer, this is also the second CNC forging hammer they ordered at our company, last year, they have ordered a 16KJ CNC die forging hammer. Bruce, the special foreign forging technology expert of our company, also participated in the whole inspecting process, and provided Indian customers with answers and suggestions on various professional forging technologies. After several days of detailed testing, this 31.5 kj CNC die forging hammer has also passed the customer’s inspection. Congratulations!

31.5kj CNC die forging hammer for India

Inidian customer and Bruce are inspecting 31.5kj CNC die forging hammer

What’s more, a Y83-300 ton metal scrap briquetting press for Korean customer and a T31-2 ton forging manipulator for Indian customer have been packed and are waiting for delivery. In addition to the whole equipment, we have also produced a large number of spare parts for our Russian customers, which include hydraulic power head, hammer column, hammer ram, hammer anvil, and other related spare parts.

forging hammer spare parts for Russia

Spare parts for Russian customer

As can be seen from recent orders, the demand for CNC die forging hammers is on the rise worldwide. But what is CNC die forging hammer? What advantages does it have? Why is it more and more popular in recent years? I'll give you a detailed answer in the following sections.

What is CNC die forging hammer?

CNC full hydraulic die forging hammer is a high precision, multi-function, digital control of impact energy die forging equipment. They can be widely used in automobile forgings, motorcycle forgings, hardware forgings, hand tools blank forgings, stainless steel tableware, and aeronautic forgings etc. This kind of forging hammer can meet the high requirements of low carbon production, low hammer running cost production and high efficiency production etc in modern forging industry.

Advantages of our CNC full hydraulic die forging hammer

CNC closed die forging hammer
Anyang Forging Press has more than 60 years in the manufacturing of forging machine, we have the ability to meet your various needs in forging production, if you are interested in our CNC closed die forging hammer, please feel free to contact us!