Forging & rolling automatic steel ball production line

2018-10-29 17:41:46

 As we all know, the forged steel ball is with high-quality but low-productivity, however, the rolled steel ball is exactly the opposite. Is there any solution that combines the advantages of forging and rolling?

Forging & rolling automatic steel ball production line

Absolutely yes, today, We bring the latest research results of Team Anyang Forging Press, the steel ball forging-rolling automatic production line. This steel ball line includes the advantage of forging & rolling. Simply put, the steel ball forging and rolling process consists of two steps: 1. Precision forging, 2. Surface rounding.

steel ball automatic forging & rolling line

1. Precision Forging

There is so many methods that get one perfect steel ball, we suggest our Anyang C92K series fully hydraulic closed die CNC forging hammer for our customers, and CNC forging hammer is one of the main parts of the entire steel ball automatic production line. The CNC forging hammer is suitable for precision forging works with less flash. The steel bar after heated will be transported to the CNC forging hammer by automatic robot arm, after forging, the steel ball will be high-hardness both inside and outside. 

Forging & rolling automatic steel ball production line

Because we have strict temperature requirements for steel balls, temperature differences can have serious consequences on the quality of steel balls, so we recommend CNC hammers as the precision forging equipment of the steel ball automatic production line.

Forging & rolling automatic steel ball production line

2. Surface rounding

The forged ball with less flash will be inside the special mold of the skew rolling mill, after rolling, the steel ball will be with high-quality and high-roundness. The entire process requires strict temperature control, please contact us for specific requirements.

Forging & rolling automatic steel ball production line

The advantage of steel ball forging & rolling automatic production line:

1. Compared with the traditional steel ball production process, the forging & rolling ball is high-quality and high-efficiency.

2. Get rid of the high predicament of forging workers in the past, the CNC forging hammer is friendly to newcomers.

3. Environmentally friendly, the entire steel ball automatic production line only consumes electricity and less recyclable water.

4. Easy to automate, this steel ball line equipped with the automatic forging robot, automatic ejection & pushing system, automatic conveyor system, and more, it can achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted production.

5. Steel ball shape difference is small, due to the precision control system of Anyang CNC forging hammer.

6. The wide range of applications, in addition to the production of steel balls, the CNC forging hammers are widely used in precision forging, like connecting rod, aerospace parts, military parts, hand tools & hardware etc.

Forging & rolling automatic steel ball production line

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