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2018-07-18 09:43:45

Most of the aircraft's jet engines and fuselage use nickel-based alloys or titanium alloys. These materials are excellent in heat resistance, but are not easily plasticized, and are also difficult to machine in machining, so the processing cost of parts is extremely high. At present, the processing of this material has gradually developed in the direction of precision forging. Anyang Forging Press Company is committed to the development and production of precision forging equipment, the main precision forging machine includes CNC hydraulic closed die forging hammer, and electric screw press, both types of equipment cover almost all types of precision forging.

In the precision forging process of the heat resistant material, it is necessary to maintain the temperature of the material to be processed and the temperature of the mold substantially equal to each other in order to fully utilize the deformation characteristics of the material to be processed. This method is formed when the blank material is super-deformed, so it is also called superplastic forging.

Anyang C92K series CNC hydraulic closed die forging hammers are commonly used in the precision forging industry, such as aircraft engine parts, auto parts, medical facilities and so on. The full range of CNC fully hydraulic closed die precision forging hammer products range from 16kj to 400kj, the CNC precision forging hammer has a system that combats energy and can be controlled digitally, the impact energy deviation within ±3%. Typical CNC hammer production line, for example, connecting rod production line, the entire production line includes bar shearing equipment, furnace, automatic roll forging machine, CNC hydraulic closed die precision forging hammer, conveying device and so on.

CNC forging hammer

Anyang J85K series electric screw press is consistent with the CNC forging hammer in terms of function. Due to different working principles, the biggest difference between them is that the electric screw press has no vibration and does not need shock absorption. At the same time, due to its characteristics, there is no jump mode in the production process, and equipped with an intelligent precision control system, the electric screw press is easy to automate compared to the CNC precision forging hammer. 

electric screw press for precision forging

In 2017, Anyang Forging Press Company exported to Russia an automatic pipe hoop production line. The entire production line includes automatic loading rack, furnace, electric screw press, trimming press, ring rolling machine, conveying device, and automatic robot arm.Titanium alloys can exhibit superplastic properties within a certain temperature and deformation speed range, and their deformation resistance also decreases significantly. Compared with traditional forged square hair, precision forging has the following advantages:

1. The material is easy to flow, and even if the shape of the workpiece is very complicated, it can be forged into a product close to the final shape, thereby reducing the finishing cost.

2. Forgings close to the finished product can be obtained, thus reducing the weight of the input raw materials.

3. The deformation is uniform and the forged products with good surface quality can be obtained.

4. A forging process can achieve a large amount of deformation, thus reducing the number of heating cycles and shortening the processing cycle.

5. Forging can be carried out under the resistance of ground deformation. The general deformation resistance is only 1/4-1/3 of the method used in the past, so large parts can be processed with small tonnage forging equipment.

6. In precision forging, the ratio of the weight of the forged product to the weight of the finished product after finishing is reduced to 2.4 by the conventional processing method 12.2, so the effect of saving raw materials and reducing the finishing cost is remarkable.

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