Metalloobrabotka, Moscow, Russia 27-31 May 2019

2019-04-24 14:55:45

27-31 May 2019 Team Anyang Forging Press will take part in “Metalloobrabotka 2019” fair, which will take place in Moscow. “Metalloobrabotka” is a major international show for the machine tool and metalworking industry with over 30 years of success. Anyang Forging Press Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd will present new products on it’s personal stand: Fully-hydraulic CNC forging hammer and electric screw press as well as well-known equipment such as open die & closed die forging hammer, power hammer, hydraulic forging press, automatic forging roll machine, ring rolling machine, key driver, skew rolling mill, and metal recycling machine. Exhibition Hall: No. 3, Booth No.: 3E10


Anyang Forging Press Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd is the biggest forging machine manufacturer in China since 1956. We have exported our forging machine to more than 74 countries. The main product includes: 1. C92K series CNC forging hammer, 2. C86Y series fully-hydraulic closed die forging hammer, 3. C66Y series fully-hydraulic open die forging hammer, 4. J58K series electric screw press, 5. C41 series power hammer, 6. Y13 series hydraulic forging press, 7. D51 & D53K series ring rolling machine, 8. ZQ series steel ball skew rolling mill, 9. Q42 series billet shearing machine, 10. DXT series key driver, 11. ZGD series automatic forging roll, etc

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Welcome to Team Anyang Forging Press, see you in Mosco!

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